Education should enhance the capacity of all students to engage in the democratic process and critically evaluate and change the world toward justice. Therefore, I see teaching as a collaborative process in which I strive to empower students with tools, skills, and imagination to understand social systems, their interactions with environments, and sources of injustice. I am committed to creating inclusive spaces that enable students’ diverse lived experience to enrich learning for everyone. I teach so that, as Marx urged, students can not only interpret the world, but also change it.

In 2017, I was honored to be one of four recipients of the 2016-2017 UCSB Academic Senate Outstanding Teaching Assistant Award. Three students and three faculty members wrote letters of support on my behalf. Thank you!

Please email me for any teaching materials related to the courses below.

Teaching Experience, Assistant Professor, Department of Environmental Studies, CSBSJU

Energy and Society (Syllabus)

Syllabus Energy and Society Spring 2018

Gender and Environment (upcoming)

Introduction to Environmental Studies (twice)

Environmental Methods and Analysis

Research Colloquium: Social Responses to Climate Change (twice)

Teaching Experience, Independent Instructor, Department of Sociology, UCSB

Feminist Climate Justice, Spring 2015 (Syllabus)

Syllabus Feminist Climate Justice

Teaching Experience, Teaching Assistant, Department of Sociology, UCSB

The World in 2050: Sustainable Development and Its Alternatives (3 sections), 2017 – students participated in a student initiated final project doing community based development in Isla Vista (IV). Sections went on field trips to a Biko housing cooperative, IV Community Bike Center, the IV Food Co-op, and the UCSB Associated Students’ Department of Public Worms (compost facility).

Sociology of the Family, 2016

Social Movements, 2016

Climate Justice (3 sections), 2016 – students participated in a UCSB Fossil Free Divestment march.

Consumption, Waste, and the Environment, 2016

Activism: focus on environmental activism (3 sections), 2014 – students participated in 4 local environmental campaigns, including a ballot measure to ban fracking (Measure P).

Sociological Research Methods (2 sections), 2014

Women, Culture, Development: focus on sustainable development, 2013

Introduction to Sociology (3 sections), 2012

Independent Instructor, Graduate Level Mini-Course, UCSB

Qualitative Data Analysis: Introductory ATLAS.ti Mini-Course, 2016