Climate Justice Pedagogy

Teaching the Sociology of the Climate Crisis, is a google document of resources I prepared for a teaching workshop on climate justice at the 2018 meeting of the American Sociological Association. It includes many of the activities and readings I use in environmental studies courses and emphasizes a climate justice approach to teaching the climate crisis.

  • Our article on the topic is also a good resource: Foran, John, Summer Gray, Corrie Grosse, and Theo LeQuesne. 2018. “This Will Change Everything: Teaching the Climate Crisis.” Transformations: The Journal of Inclusive Scholarship and Pedagogy 28(2):126-47.

Water Protector Curriculum – syllabus focused on Minnesota, designed in collaboration with Winona LaDuke – this is a work in progress, please send ideas our way!

  • LN 3 – film about the Line 3 tar sands pipeline (38 min)
  • 8th Fire Solar – film about Native-built solar thermal panel manufacturing on the White Earth Nation (6 min)
  • Welcome Water Protectors – guide for how to be a water protector in MN, developed by my students in collaboration with Honor the Earth

Honor Native Land Guide – how to give a land acknowledgement

Indigenous Water Justice Course by Kelsey Leonard

Standing Rock Syllabus – a collaboratively designed syllabus on Standing Rock, sovereignty, and Indigenous histories and presents.

Intersections of Climate Justice. A resources guide prepared by my students and I for anyone interested in connecting climate crisis to social justice issues. Access word and PDF versions of the document, as well as all of 1 page fact sheets here. Use the word versions if you’d like to edit for your community – this version is focused on Minnesota.

Climate Justice Alliance and Indigenous Environmental Network. 2017. Carbon Pricing: A Critical Perspective for Community Resistance – great resource laying out the arguments on why carbon pricing and market-based mechanisms are false solutions to climate crisis.

UC Santa Barbara Environmental/Climate Justice Hub: programming, resources, and research teams.

Organizing Cools the Planet – great how to guide on climate justice organizing. Their website has a number of activist resources.

Solve Climate by 2030 – three experts from each state speaking on climate solutions in 2020. See the MN solve climate I organized here.

UC Case Studies in the Environment – peer reviewed short articles that come with learning goals and discussion questions. See mine on fracking and tar sands resistance.

Environmental Justice Syllabi compiled by Voices from the Valley

On preferred gender pronouns

Trump Syllabus 

How to talk to a climate skeptic